Vitrine O.png


1 Rim of a large dish (fragment)

French faience, 18th century. Blue stylized plant decoration. This dish was probably made in the French city of Rouen. AR-1999-013

2. Bowl fragment

Brown paste faience, 18th century. Base, bluish enamel, French.


3. Jug fragment

Coarse stoneware, 18th century. Probably made in the Vindefontaine studio in Lower Normandy.


4. Plate fragment

English faience, 18th century. Painted blue floral motif. AR-1998-185

5. Flask fragment

Blue-green glass, 18th century.


6. Coin

Copper alloy, 18th century. No visible motif.

Restored by the Centre de conservation du Québec AR-2000-071

7. Pistareen

Metal, 18th century. The coins used in the colony late in the French Regime came mainly from France, England and Spain. The Spanish pistareen (peseta) was in wide circulation. AR-1999-001

8. Buckle

Brass, 18th century. Common model. This sort of clasp was likely used on a belt or a shoulder strap. AR-1998-184

9. Buckle

Copper alloy, 18th century.

Restored by the Centre de conservation du Québec AR-2000-056

10 Aiguillette end (1) and tubular aglets (3) Aiguillettes were made of silk cord tipped at either end with an aglet. In the 17th century, they ornamented the shoulders of military uniforms and served as decorative laces for whalebone corsets.

Aiguillette end, copper alloy and silk, 18th century. AR-2000-181

Aglet, copper alloy, 17th century. AR-2000-182

Aglet, copper alloy, 18th century. AR-2000-183

Aglet, copper alloy, 18th century.

Restored by the Centre de conservation du Québec AR-2000-111

11. Pins (50)

Tin-plated brass, 17th century.


12. Buttons (2)

Bone, 18th century.

AR-1999-266, AR-2000-321

13. Button cores (2)

Bone, 18th century.

AR-2000-317, AR-2000-318

14. Beads (19)

18 glass beads of various colours, 1 shell bead, 18th century. AR-1999-334, AR-2000-341, AR-2000-344, AR-2000-345 AR-2000-333, AR-2000-346, AR-2000-327-1.3 AR-2000-438, AR-2000-439, AR 2000 328 1.2, AR-2000-437-1.3, AR-2000-343, AR-2000-286 AR-2000-435

15. Rosary bead

Bone, 18th century. Flat on both sides. AR-2000-342