Annexe First Floor - The 20th Century

Founding the Museum

Around 1946, the LeBer-LeMoyne house was put up for sale. Anatole Carignan, the mayor of Lachine (1933-1939, 1944-1952) and a history buff, recognized its heritage value, and the munici- pality bought it for conversion to a history museum. The Manoir Lachine, as it was then known, was inaugurated in 1948, coinciding with the 100th anniversary of the incorporation of the Village of Lachine.

All photos are reproduced from the Musée de Lachine archives unless otherwise noted.

Founding the Museum

1. Maison LeBer-LeMoyne up for sale

About 1946. In the photo, a sign hangs from the porch cornice:

“For sale Apply to W. S. Lighthall 200 Star Building HA 8120-8129.” M2b/2,3

2. Mayor Anatole Carignan (3rd from left) in a Musée gallery, with Hilda Papalia (above), Ginette Spinelli (2nd from left) and other girls from the École Joubert in Dorval 1952. In the background, the locomotive Dorchester.

Courtesy of Canadian National Railways M2b/3,3

Community Involvement

3. Maison LeBer-LeMoyne becomes a museum

About 1948. Seen in the photo, Mrs. Connie Ford and an unidentified man. Stamped on the back: “Dixie Photo Service inc. 16-48th Ave., Lachine, P.Q. ME 7-2842.” M2b\5,15

4. Teatime at the Musée

About 1948. M2b/3,8

5 & 6. Near the Maison, the Musée caretaker’s two children

About 1950. Musée caretaker Yvonne Beaulieu and her family occupied an apartment in the museum building. M2b/7,3 M2b/7,2

7. Musée caretaker Yvonne Beaulieu and her two children, in front of the Maison, with view of Chemin de LaSalle

About 1950. M2b/7,1

8. Gallery interior with the locomotive Dorchester. About 1951. This locomotive was built in 1936 by Canadian National apprentices for the centen- nial of the Champlain & St. Lawrence Railway. It is a wooden replica of the Dorchester, the first locomotive to connect the cities of Laprairie and Saint-Jean. Canadian National donated it to the Musée in 1947 to mark the centennial of the Montreal & Lachine Railroad, the first line built on the Island of Montréal. M2b-3,29

9. Musée Lachine Museum, with view of the aquarium

1950-1958. M2b-2,17

10. Musée promotional brochure, recto

1950s. E14 a

11. Musée promotional brochure, verso

1950s. Some of the illustrated objects appear in this exhibition. E14 a

12. Musée and fish farm aquariums, east view

Before July 3, 1951. Seen in the photo: “MUSÉE LACHINE MUSEUM.” M5a/1,46

13. Musée site with fish farm and pools behind Maison LeBer-LeMoyne, north view

Before June 5, 1958. M5a/1,33

14. Musée site with fish farm and pools behind Maison LeBer-LeMoyne and view of boating on the Lachine Canal

About 1950. M5a/1,32

15. “Aquarium” building, adjacent to the Maison LeBer-LeMoyne Annexe, east view

Before April 27, 1964. M5a/3,12