Étage M.jpg


1. Lunchbox

Tin, leather. The ring on one end serves to pull out the sliding food compartment.

Gift of Robert Picard RC-1984-L59-17

2. Checkerboard

Wood. Homemade. Red-painted playing squares. At either end of the board, two small painted galloping horses. A Black Horse beer poster is glued to the back.

Gift of Michel Ste-Marie RG-1999-496

3. Calendar for 1929

Featuring a horse head, the emblem of Dawes Black Horse beer. The Dawes Brewery operated in Lachine from 1826 to 1922.

Gift of Michel Ste-Marie RG-1999-310

4. Tram and rails (model)

Wood, metal and plastic. Tram wagon with removable seats. Lettered: “Lachine 91.” On a plaque at the front, to the left of the door: “R.C.” The tram and the rails on which it sits are made of wood.

Gift of Jean-Guy Chartier RE-1974-001-1.2