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1. Grandfather clock

1825-1850. Cherry wood movement, pine case, hand-painted face. On the face: “J. B. & R. TWISS MONTREAL.”

The Twiss brothers left the New England clock industry to settle in Montréal in 1821. Among other things, they produced grandfather clocks with wooden movements, which were cheaper, but also inferior, to those made of brass and copper. The Twiss brothers terminated their partnership in 1857.

Purchase RF-1980-L4-25

2. Birdcage

Wood, metal and porcelain, 19th century. Large folk art birdcage. The wide middle drawer forms the bottom of the cage and slides out for cleaning. The small drawers on either side serve as bird feeders. This cage could house four birds.

Gift of Yves St-Germain RF-1982-L4-20

3. Méridienne

Mahogany, fabric and metal, late 19th century. Possibly made in Québec. Small napping couch generally used by women. Victorian era eclectic style. Curved, scrolling base likely once mounted on casters, as indicated by holes. Back rail decorated with an openwork palmette design. Single armrest and feet richly carved with spiral and acanthus motifs.

Gift of Mrs. Anatole Carignan Restored by José Luis Marin RF-1974-L4-12