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1. Sleigh and foot warmer

Pine, iron and canvas, 1873. Handcrafted. Made by a Québec City-area blacksmith for the children of Mr. Léger, who was probably the owner of a sawmill located on St. Joseph Street in Lachine, near the Canoe Club. It is believed that Mr. Léger gave the sleigh to Mr. Dubois when his children outgrew it.

Sleigh bodies are mounted on runners that curve upwards in front and are generally faced with metal on the underside. Most sleighs are horse-drawn, but this child’s model was pulled by hand with a long wooden handle. The metal foot warmer is covered in fabric. The drawer slides out to receive a heated brick. Under the handle: “Made by CHICAGO FLEXIBLE SHAFT CO.” On the other end: “THE CLARK HEATER No 5 B.”

Gift of Lionel Dubois RE-1974-L2-8A & B

2. Chest lid

Metal. Oval, stencilled “WILGRESS.” Found in Maison LeBer-LeMoyne during restoration. May have served to transport Colonel Wilgress’ military uniform. RC-1980-L51-5