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1. Storage armoire

Pine and brass, 1850. Four doors and two drawers with wooden knobs. Sunken panels on the doors and sides. Three-tier moulding at the top, single moulding at the bottom. Brass hinges and key hole cover. This armoire was never painted and still has its original finish. It belonged to the Bélanger family of Pointe-Claire. Its construction reflects the influence of the Upper Canada tradition on handcrafting in the Montréal region.

Restored by the Centre de conservation du Québec Gift of Pierre Bélanger RA-1985-L17-1

2. Chest

Wood and metal. Large brown wooden chest with a lock. Iron handle on either side. Stencilled on the front: “LACHINE CANAL PAPERS 1858.”

Anonymous gift RF-1974-L3-4

3. Pitchfork

Wood, 19th century. Handmade. Used for gathering hay for storage in barns.

Gift of Robert Picard RF-1983-L1-37

4. Milking bench

Pine. Small handmade bench used when milking cows. Anonymous gift RC-1981-L35-6

5. Chair-table

Pine, 1825-1850. Original colour, handcrafted. The chair back, which is removable, tips down to become a tabletop. Irish style with American Empire influence. From Upper Canada.

Gift of Lucie Vary RF-1981-L4-35